Is 'Astute Moves' linked to a registered charity?

Registration is in the pipeline.

What is the position?

Needed is adequate funding and suitable Trustees.

Is there a commercial organization?

The commercial facets are led by 'Help 4 All Ltd.'

Is it intended to be profit-generating, or 'Not-for-profit'?

The former at present, and the latter at a later stage.

Who owns the Legacy entities?

All are held 'On trust'.

What is intended?

Ownership will be transferred to Trust arrangements.

To whom would funding be provided?

Any of the Legacy entities.

Is surety available?

Not from the caretaker.

Are other forms of security available?

Not at present, but this may change.


It would be at the discretion of backers.

What form of funding is sought?

Grants, sponsorship, loan, equity and benefaction.

At what level?

From modest to world-class scale.


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